For a clarification on what each piece of the PC does, you can see the segment beneath named "How a Laptop Works." 

The Laptop Will Not Turn On 

In some cases the PC is absolutely dead. Now and then it's simply a basic issue. Follow the means underneath for some investigating thoughts. 

The primary issue to check for is the battery. Accomplishes the PC work like ordinary on the off chance that it is connected to the divider with a solid charger? Assuming this is the case, your PC probably has an awful battery. You can discover battery substitution directs here on Noida Computer Solution or somewhere else if no one has made one yet (maybe you can make your own guide). 

Ensure the force connector you're utilizing works with your PC and puts out enough watts to control your particular model. You would prefer not to be the individual who goes into a store for a fix just to discover that you were utilizing some unacceptable charger (I'm talking from individual experience here). Tip: give the PC a touch of time after it is connected before you give turning it a shot. 

Does the PC have any indications of life? These incorporate turning fans, flickering lights, or blares. These signals or blazing lights regularly relate to a particular issue which you can fix. For instance, two blares when a Dell PC fires up by and large demonstrates an issue with the RAM. 

Check for issues with the screen. It's pretty simple to figure your PC isn't working regardless of whether the issue is totally because of the screen. On the off chance that the screen doesn't turn on, have a go at sparkling a spotlight into the screen and search for any pictures. In the event that you can see faint pictures, the backdrop illumination in your screen is dead and you should supplant the showcase. Additionally ensure you haven't quite recently turned the brilliance right down. Woops!