Unable to turn on Laptop 

Would you be able to get into the BIOS? The BIOS is the essential firmware that runs when you first beginning your PC. You can once in a while enter the BIOS arrangement when the PC begins by holding F2, F10, or the erase key on your console when you press the force button. 

for a more thorough rundown of the keys used to enter the BIOS for each brand of PC. In the event that you can get to the BIOS yet can't get any further with a standard boot (a.k.a. an endeavor to turn on the PC where you don't hold the BIOS key) your PC most likely turns out great, however you object to the working framework. Check these extra investigating guides for what to do when Windows doesn't begin (or Linux on the off chance that you have that introduced). 

In the event that none of these means work, you may need to supplant the motherboard or take it to an auto shop that can chip away at the issue with the motherboard. On the off chance that the PC has a different force input board that is joined to the motherboard with a link, you could take a stab at supplanting that part first. At times the motherboard turns out great however isn't accepting any force due to an awful force port. 

The overall dependable guideline for investigating is that you need to preclude all different issues prior to choosing to supplant/fix the motherboard in light of the fact that it is one of the more costly segments. 

The Screen Has Dead Pixels 

Dead pixels on a PC screen look like spots that don't change shading regardless of what they "should" show. Generally they are stuck completely white, dark, red, green, or blue. You can here and there overlook these screen pimples (I have three on my presentation at this moment), however a huge gathering can be super diverting. 

Noida Computer Solution gives some valuable methodologies to fixing a dead pixel, remembering blazing static for the screen or applying slight weight or warmth to the stuck pixel territory. On the off chance that none of these fixes work, you can supplant your showcase with certain aides here by reaching:- +91-9990917370