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Get an outer drive to reinforcement the information to. Anyway you need to get a hard drive which is at any rate a similar limit as the old drive. I suggest anyway that you get a drive of a greater limit in the event of some unforeseen issue. 

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Stage 1 : First you need to introduce the hard plate as an auxiliary drive. Eliminate it from your PC and introduce it into another PC. In the event that you are utilizing and IDE drive, you need to set the drive as an auxiliary drive. In the event that you are utilizing a SATA drive, change in BIOS as needs be. 

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Strategy 1: Copy Files :: As there we are replicating from a hard plate with awful areas, typical reorder won't do since if the information is being duplicated from a terrible area, the duplicate cycle will get intruded on/hang/freeze and fall flat. Once more, we will utilize another freeware from ADRC. 

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