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Right off the bat gives talk about the serious issue access Laptop. 
RAM issue in laptop
Before it is executed, the code utilized by the CPU is situated in a transitory stockpiling area called RAM. Slam segments are either patched straightforwardly to the motherboard (this makes repairers miserable) or embedded into an opening on the motherboard (this fulfills repairers). In the subsequent situation, you can supplant RAM that has turned sour or add more RAM to your PC; RAM bound to the motherboard can't be effortlessly fixed aside from by an expert. 

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Capacity issue in PC 
Your projects and records are put away on a hard drive or SSD inside the PC. Since hard drives in a real sense comprise of platters turning at fast inside your PC, they can in the long run pass on or break with a sharp effect (holler to my versatile hard drive which endure being dropped down a stairway). SSDs don't have similar issues and are quicker than hard drives, so playing out a trade can have a major effect for your machine. Some SSDs, be that as it may, are fastened legitimately to the motherboard (not once more!?) which makes it more hard to fix without a specialist expert. 

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