Instructions to Repair a Computer 

Any anomaly in the coordinated segments of a PC can demonstrate unsafe to its presentation, however some broad PC issues can be tended to without looking for proficient IT help. Among the most well-known issues you may experience are issues with the PC freezing and appearances of the notorious "no boot" or "blue screen of death." To fix a PC, you'll have to investigate the issue and decide whether the fix is something you can perform yourself; for more muddled issues, in any case, think about looking for the assistance of an expert. This wikiHow shows you some fundamental advances you can take to fix your PC. 

Fixing a Computer that Freezes or Runs Slowly 

Back up your records. A PC that freezes or runs gradually could be an indication of more major issues to come. Before you do whatever else, make certain to back up your significant envelopes and records while you actually approach them. You can back up your records to an outer hard drive, or a distributed storage administration, as iCloud, DropBox,or Google Drive. 

Give your PC a touch of rest. 

On the off chance that you leave your PC on constantly, you can frequently fix an issue by turning closing down the PC, at that point unplugging it. At that point holding down the force button for 30 seconds while the PC remains unplugged. This may make the LED lights streak. Attachment the PC back in and power it on. By removing the ability to the motherboard, it permits the equipment to reset and the memory to clear. 

Update your drivers. 

PCs may freeze by virtue of any equipment or programming issue. Notice if the issue began when you associated any equipment peripherals, similar to a printer or scanner, at that point it may be because of a driver struggle. In the event that the issue began after you put in new equipment, uninstall the equipment. On the off chance that the issue happened subsequent to introducing another hard drive, at that point it may be because of deficient force or a lot of warmth. Utilize the accompanying strides to refresh your drivers: 


Snap the Windows Start menu symbol. 

Snap the Settings/Gear symbol. 

Snap Update and Security 

Snap Check for refreshes 


Snap the Apple Icon. 

Snap Software Updates/App Store. 

Snap the Updates tab. 

Snap Download close to any product that should be refreshed.