Check your CPU and memory utilization. Projects that are utilizing an excess of CPU or memory can make your PC delayed down or freeze. This can likewise occur on the off chance that you have an excessive number of projects running on the double, or regardless of whether you have an internet browser with an excessive number of tabs open. You can utilize Task Manager in Windows, or Activity Monitor on Mac to check your CPU and Memory use. Close down any projects that are utilizing an excess of CPU or memory. Utilize the accompanying strides to check your memory or CPU utilization: 


Right-click the Windows Start menu. 

Snap Task Manager. 

Snap a program that is utilizing an excess of CPU or memory. 

Snap End Task. 


Snap the amplifying glass symbol in the upper-right corner. 

Type "Action Monitor" in the inquiry bar and press '"Enter/Return. 

Snap the CPU tab to check CPU use. 

Snap the Memory tab to check memory use. 

Snap a program that is utilizing a lot of memory or CPU. 

Snap the "X" symbol in the upper-left corner to compel close the program. 

Decide whether your PC is overheating. Contact your personal computer tower or the lower part of your PC, or back of your across the board work area unit to check whether it feels hot to the touch. Likewise, verify whether the fans or coolant framework is working appropriately. You can likewise download instruments like Core Temp to check the temperature of your CPU. On the off chance that your PC is overheating, open it and ensure all residue is cleared out of within the PC and that it has legitimate ventilation. 

Note: Opening the base board of a PC void the guarantee. In the event that your PC is as yet under guarantee, contact the producer or retail location and see what you have to do to sort your PC out. 

Regardless of whether your PC isn't having issues, it's a smart thought to clean the fans consistently.